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packing and moving companyMoving boxes are of the same quality and weight as the ordinary boxes that are used for shipping. If you have planned to handle the packing part of the move all by yourself, then you will need to get those moving boxes from your neighborhood stores or source them from your friends and family. But before you start looking for moving boxes, take a look at some of the valuable tips offered by all Domestic Movers.

Do Not Overpack

Keep in mind that each box must not weigh over fifty pounds. Even after hiring an Interstate Moving in India, you might need to move the boxes yourself between the rooms. So, ensure they are not so heavy that you are unable to lift them. With that being said, it is understandable that some boxes tend to get heavier, such as the ones where you pack the electronics or your wardrobe. In that case, what you can do is not make too many boxes that weight over that fifty-pound limit which you need to keep in mind.

The Sizes of Different Packing Boxes

There are usually five sizes of boxes that are needed to move your entire house full of things with the help of Best Interstate Movers. Here is a brief rundown on the sizes of the boxes that you will need for the move.
packing boxes you need for moving

  • 5 cu. Ft. box: This is the box that you will need the most, and it can safely hold a weight of nearly sixty pounds. However, do not let that give you the idea that you can fill up the box to its absolute capacity. That fifty-pound limit should still be kept in mind. This is the right size for packing lamps, small appliances, dishes, and books.
  • 0 cu. Ft. box: The carrying capacity of this box is sixty-five pounds. It is perfect for electronics, pans, pots, and clothing.
  • 5 cu. Ft. box: This one also has the capacity of sixty-five pounds, and this one is for your large kitchen appliances, linens, and large lamps.
  • 0 cu. Ft. box: You can put up to seventy pounds in this box but you better not because it will become too heavy to be moved. Use this one for large blankets, toys, pillows, and cushions.
  • 1 cu. Ft. box: This box comes in a rectangular shape, and it works the best for comforters, cushions, and blankets. You should use it for the objects which will not fit in the six cu. Ft. box.

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