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movers and packersA kitchen is usually the toughest room to start packing for when you are moving to a new place. The kitchen has things of so many different sizes and shapes, including food items. A number of those items you will need till the last day of your move. However, if you do it all methodically, the process becomes a lot easy. Here is how you can get all the things about your kitchen sorted before the packers and movers reach your place.

Prepare A Box of Essentials

Keep those things aside, which you will need for the first two days in the new place and the last two days in the present home. This can include things like coffee maker, toaster, dishcloth, dishes, food items, cutlery, and cleaners.

Get All The Packing Materials

It is now time for you to get all the boxes and other packing materials you will need before top packers and movers come to your place. You can buy the boxes from the stores near your place, or you can even ask your family and friends if they have any old packing boxes with them that you can use. Spaces around the objects must be stuffed with newspapers to keep the items safe.

Pack Items That Are Not Used Frequently

Start by packing the objects that you do not use frequently. It can be anything, like mixing bowls, wine glasses, vases, pie pans, cookie sheets, blenders, mixers, oven mitts, and cookbooks. Even wall hangings and pictures on the kitchen wall need to go into the packing boxes now.

Packing Shelves And Drawers

When it comes to shelves and drawers of your kitchen, you should start with the one that has the maximum mess. Start by getting rid of the things that you no longer need. Keep one set of cutlery per member for the box of essentials and pack all the rest.
packing your kitchen

Packs Pots, Pans, And Dishes

Keep one all-purpose pot and pack all the rest for the domestic movers. Take your time to pack the dishes because these are delicate, and you might damage them if you are not careful enough.

Pack The Items In The Pantry

Sort out the pantry and pack the things that you do not need. Start by packing the spices and then pack the large items. Canned goods are better to be finished off before moving out, or else you can pack them in the essentials box. Throw away any perishable item if your new place is too far off.

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