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Vertical stacking of ground pallets or blocks is a popular inventory storage technique that does not require any kind of storage machinery and instead charged pallets are put straight on the ground and built up to a maximum stable storage height in stacks. Though this approach may sound easy and straightforward, but it is not that effective or efficient. Pallet stacking forces your warehouse employees to repeatedly lift, lower and restore pallets to pick up and meet orders. That’s not the best way to take advantage of vertical warehouse space. This stack-and-restack technique is not only time consuming, but also repeated handling of materials always generates safety problems like pallet tipping and load collapses.

We at CBD India, well know the prevalent issues most warehouse owners and executives have. That’s why, unlike conventional Vertical Pallet Stacking techniques, we use dedicated Vertical Carousels and Racks techniques to provide our customers with greater comfort and storage space at minimal price.

If there is lots of empty air between the storage mechanisms and the ceiling, you may not be using the vertical space of your warehouse for your benefit. Using vertical space here implies using the room above docks, crossing aisles, working and picking regions, loads and elsewhere empty air exists. We at CBD Movers, utilize Vertical Stacking Inventory Technique in all our warehouse facilities which is a crucial way to use as much vertical space as possible in your warehouse to increase the number of goods it can hold. As per this popular inventory storage technique charged pallets are put straight on the ground and built up to a maximum stable storage height in stacks that eventually offer following key benefits to the customers.

Some key benefits to the customers

  • Improved space utilization for goods in a warehouse.
  • The warehouse will be more structured to provide a clearer route.
  • No more inventory cluttering on the floor area to create undue obstructions.
  • Moreover, it is easier and safer for workers navigating the warehouse facility and work quickly.

We at CBD India well know the prevalent issues most of the customers and employees usually face in the most warehouses and storage facilities. That’s why we use more advanced and cost-efficient Vertical Carousels and Racks techniques in all our storage spaces to provide greater comfort and safety to our customers’ goods at the minimal prices.

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