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At CBD MoversTM India, we are specialized in the management of supply chain solutions with integrated pool distribution, cross-docking, warehousing, and transport. Our close network of extensive, modern and multi-user warehouse and distribution facilities that cover several million square meters to have a huge effect on clients across India. We offer world-class warehousing management services in a flexible manner and according to specific client’s needs at major industrial hubs across the country. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the use of various branches advantages SMEs and those impacted by seasonal trends. We have even implemented the advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) in our specialized and secured facilities to keep a constant track of your product movements and help you stay up-to-date on the location of your goods. We are also pleased to provide IT links to your Enterprise Resource Planning systems to make sure ongoing information exchange.

  • Smart Packaging solutions / Article Tagging / Quality Check
  • State-of-the-art multi-user warehouses with advanced proprietary technology that enables higher efficiency.

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